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Easter in Byron. Options
Posted: Wednesday, March 16, 2016 12:53:41 PM
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As a veteran of the festival this is my 25th Easter in Byron ive been asked what to expect.
What to expect.

Opening night the vibe is amazing everyone that’s there are the true believers that have taken that extra day off work. The Thursday night crowd is full of life energy and is happy to be alive. This crowd buys up 90% of all the premium beer tickets. High energy acts. Buses etc are easily accessed. The pubs in town are open afterwards to cater for the happy campers.

The next wave arrive the crowds start to build up. The ground is still unaffected from the rains. Lots of blow ins arrive and do day tours to Nimbin and arrive at the festival later in the day (they will keep the dogs at the gates very busy). The rest of the premium beer tickets are usually snapped up. The mood is happy but strangely sombre as its good Friday less people are getting as inebriated as the rest of the days (bar Monday) Bands like the National and Tweedy will have that droning type music setting the tone. A tip for Nimbin Travellers – Don’t buy the acid as there is a bad batch about (as per recent media). Anyone selling this should be locked up for life. The town is closed when the festival ends no after fest beers are available.

The beaches are full. The mobile drug testing unit is set up on Shirley Street anyone that drives passed will get tested and if you’ve had a smoke the night before say bye bye to your licence. The festival is busy, buzzing mad cap vibe. Non stop action. No one even cares whos playing its all very positive. Last year they had British India? replaced the black keys and no one cared. You might get covered in mud you wont care until you wake up the next morn and the bed is black with dirt. Get to the bus queue early as the queues are apocalyptic. The town is a bit messier – best avoid hanging around or wear a bullet proof vest if you plan on walking the streets alone for an extended period. The police resources for the region are used at the festival and forget every year that there is a town as civilised as deadwood that needs attention. Just go back to where you are staying.

You feel like you cant do it. You get to the festival early no point in hanging around in the town the card is stacked. The mud might begin to take its toll you might lose a shoe. Don’t drive past Shirley street unless you want to lose your licence. The acts are the singalong acts normally. The vibe is amazing. It’s sad that there’s no Irish acts there to celebrate the centenary of the Irish war of independence those that are interested should transfer to Boomerang for the talks etc. The sniffer dogs start to look overworked and stressed out. The police will guide them more towards their targets. If you are wearing a Rasta hat and never touched herb in your life the dogs will still sit next to you 100%. You will be searched the dog will get a treat. Get to the bus queues early as people will be less happy as they are caked in mud and be feeling sick from 4 days of fast food and grog. When you get to town go home to bed.

Tom Jones is playing. Have a few vinos, vodka and cranberry juice. No point in looking for food in town as the cafes and restaurants stocks are depleted. The dogs have given up, the quota of arrests/(random) searches have been reached. There are no queues. Its easy. Take some anti-inflammatory's for your back. Go home & go on a liver cleansing diet. Every live act on earth worth seeing has played over the 5 days no more gigs for a while. Buy next years ticket on the way out the door. Dispose of your contraband thoughtfully before you board your flight.
Posted: Wednesday, March 16, 2016 1:24:52 PM
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great post. bloody legend..
Posted: Wednesday, March 16, 2016 2:00:32 PM
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Great post Mccain,,

You nailed it, Applause

Write a wise saying and your name will live on forever,,, Anonymous
Posted: Wednesday, March 16, 2016 2:32:47 PM
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Posted: Thursday, March 17, 2016 12:12:57 PM
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Great post mccin0000 !! I would add a few of my own experiences/expectations as a fellow veteran of BF (not quite your 25yrs though!!)

Thursday - Best night, feels like a sneak preview that only a limited number have access to. No dogs on duty from memory
Friday - Vibe just gets better as the crowd realises BF is finally here! Alot more teenagers than oldies like us, getting on the pre-mixed drinks (devil's juice), the town is a no-go as they search for an open bar (that does not exist).
Sat - You said it all
Sun - Sitting on the grass outside a tent becomes the norm listening to some reggae (I'm on the anti-inflammatory already). Toilets become a no-go after 3.5days full usage
Mon - New crowd of locals who scam free wristbands of the 5-Dayers who can take no more, bring a new element to the fest, more local community feel. Typically get offered free beer tix outside the tents from people who can take no more!

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