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APRA is loud Options
Posted: Sunday, April 12, 2009 10:51:24 AM
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Is it just me or is the music in the APRA too loud? I was trying to listen to CW Stoneking in the Crossroads yesterday and he was being drowned out by sound coming from the APRA. The main problem is that the APRA faces directly at the Crossroads but surely for such a small tent they don't need the volume that they currently produce. Even midway between the Jambalaya and the APRA, the sound from the APRA is greater even though is isn't facing that direction and the Jambalaya is. Sure there are some good acts in the APRA, but it seems a shame to have some of the headliners in the crossroads, who most people have probably come to see, spoiled by too much stray noise.

btw haven't seen any sniffer dogs. Where do they hang out?

Posted: Sunday, April 12, 2009 11:29:02 AM
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I think it's a great sounding tent - certainley beats the mix in Jambalaya, and it's not just volume. It may be a little loud for size when compared to the other tents, but it sounds great. A bit dissapointed with the Jambalaya mix. Drums in particular sound aweful!
Posted: Monday, April 13, 2009 10:43:23 PM
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yup, several acts were drowned by APRA.
Luka Bloom didn't have a chance.
Eric Bibb also had to contend with it.
People don't seem to give much feedback to help improve things but surely organisers would realise?
Posted: Tuesday, April 14, 2009 9:32:08 AM
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I agree the sound at Apra was way too loud. I was extremely disappointed with the sound mix in Jambalaya and Crossroads. At one point Eric Bibb was going to stop playing till they fixed it but then changed his mind. Almost every band I saw had problems with a feedback loop and no one seemed to bother to fix it up. James Hunter band his voice kept fading out. Every time I looked at the sound guys they were lounging around some of them smoking right in the sound mixing area. This is the first time I've come away really pi...d off these guys weren't up to it and significantly this is the first year (my 5th) when I did not hear one single band thank the sound guys for the great set up they'd done because they didn't achieve one. Drive By Truckers...every time they stopped playing there was a terrible hissing noise while the bloke in the sound mix area was smoking and almost asleep. I felt embarrassed that these bands come from overseas, put on excellent well timed and rehearsed shows and are not given the best by our sound engineers.
Posted: Tuesday, April 14, 2009 1:33:20 PM
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the mix for blues travellers first set (sunday)was way too loud,i dont know whos choice,but monday was much better.
sunday i really couldnt get into it for the blast.and felt sorry for james hunter following,playing at a lesser volume.
a couple of times over the weekend it seemed like the keyboards were on work experience-you couldnt hear them.

I don't want to hang up my rock n roll shoes
I get a good time feeling every time I hear those blues.
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