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A rant in defense of Bluesfest Options
Posted: Tuesday, April 02, 2013 5:03:57 PM
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I came onto the forum today to try to extend my post-fest state of musical bliss, but it seems like the forum is mostly just a moan fest nowadays, and barely any of it is about the music.

I absolutely agree that there are issues where it's important that BF Admin get informed and hopefully take on board comments for future planning, but one theme of negative comments particularly irks me. It's that 'BluesFest has sold out' and 'it's all about the money now' line of sniping that I'm talking about.

Honestly folks, if this applies to you, think realistically about what is actually happening at BluesFest over 5 days. The UNBELIEVABLE calibre of the line up of this festival these days is the reason that it is arguably as good as any musical festival in the world, and I shake my head sometimes thinking about how lucky I am to get to see so many of the worlds finest and most significant acts here in my little pocket of rural Australia every year.

So also think realistically about how freaking expensive it is to get those artists, and the logistics of their acts, over here to this remote by world standards, spot on the globe. And now think about what is more important to you - the opportunity to see these artists and hear their music live, or to have a chilled out, home grown, perfect according to your preferences experience. Because the bottom line is that you can't have both.

But fortunately for you disgruntled 'BluesFest has sold out types' the success of Bluesfest has contributed to the emergence of so many other festivals in Australia that these days there are so many opportunities to go and have that more laid back music experience that you believe you've lost at Bluesfest. The obvious downside is that you won't get to see the absolute best in the world standard that appears to be the selection criteria to get booked for Bluesfest these days.

This was my tenth Bluesfest, and while there are lots of aspects that are less than perfect and sometimes uncomfortable, at the heart of it is the music, and I really think that it is just getting incrementally better each year. Yesterday I secured my spot in the middle of the front row of Mojo (yeah, I did that embarrassing queuing at the gate and running for the front thing) and then I had 11 hours of at times extreme physical discomfort staying in that spot, but I was awe struck by the quality of the music on that stage, from first act to last.

So I will stop ranting now, I apologize for sounding like I'm preaching, but can I just ask you to give some thanks to the Bluesfest team for what they manage to give us and remember how expensive it is to do that.
Posted: Tuesday, April 02, 2013 5:14:15 PM
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I've been to a sold out blues fest, the bob Dylan year the tents where bigger mojo had 6 tv screens and speakers at the back of the tent. Why couldn't they do that this year? There was just as many people?? It's just a money grab end of story they failed embaracingly.

Dear Skot,
Are you going to be a goose all your life?
Posted: Tuesday, April 02, 2013 6:15:44 PM
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2013 was a money grab for sure which let down a large number of disabled patrons. when you oversell camping by 500 & force the disabled patrons to lose their specific disabled campground to a large majority of able bodied patrons it is wrong. further more the staff took away the keys to the facilities in said campground which meant the able bodied campers could use & lock out the disabled campers from the disabled toilets & showers. things need to be corrected for 2014 otherwise the festival which is known for being the most disable patron friendly will become another festival that disabled people can't attend.

i love bluesfest for the artists it brings but like it was mentioned 2011 was just as big & was better organised for the crowd.
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