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North Sea Jazz Festival Options
Posted: Saturday, July 16, 2011 10:19:07 PM
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It's been almost a week, but I thought I'd give a brief recap of my Sunday at the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam.

Dr John - I hate to say it, because I love the Dr, but it seemed a little similar to his 2010 BF appearance in that it just isn't as lively as it once was. He's still the Doctor, it just feels like he's tired though. Which made the clash easy to decide, when I headed to.....

Mavis Staples - who was in classic form, preaching, hollerin' loving it all. The crowd responded in kind. Great set.

Tom Jones - I went out of morbid curiousity; nothing to lose at a festival. I know that his latest "blues album" has had some support on this board, but I thought he was awful. Ship him back to Vegas - they might love him there, but I've seen too much authentic blues to be interested in this trespasser.

Snoop Dogg - Oh dear. Now, I don't have a blanket thing against hip-hop by any stretch. The Roots, (the late) Gil Scott Heron, the former Jurassic 5, Public Enemy, even Kanye are all personal faves. But Snoop - give me a break. The self reverence is staggering, given that he's been creatively dead since the mid-90's (if not longer). I found myself thinking "Why should I cheer him getting a lap dance from 3 "dancers" on stage?". But he drew a nuclear response.

Bootsy Collins - This was cool. Remarkable to see just how similar a Bootsy show is to a Parliament one. He had costume changes, big big hair, a huge supporting cast. Everything you'd expect. Very positive, if also very weird. I think they all really believe that they travel between shows on a spaceship. Maybe they do. Huge, empassioned cover of Purple Haze from his (2nd) bassist while Bootsy got changed.

PRINCE - I capitalise because this was the main reason we were there. Had very high hopes, and he delivered. In classic Prince form, was 45 minutes late on stage, then played for 2 and a bit hours, rather than the allotted 90 minutes. 1999, Controversy, Cream, Rasberry Beret, cover of Don't Stop Til You Get Enough, Nothing Compares 2 U and a band-only cover of Pass the Peas - natural given that Maceo Parker was there (and in fine form). Prince still has all the moves, the ability to utterly capitvate, and was more engaged and generous with he audience than I expected. It was so good that we, along with a good third of the crowd, waited some 50 minutes after the set for the possible Purple Rain solo finale. It was only when the roadies finally started turning things off that we were convinced it wasn't to be. It was about the nly thing missing. A perfect pop/funk display. The guy is just brilliant.
Posted: Saturday, July 16, 2011 10:34:20 PM
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Great report Scott.Wish I was there.

Can't see Prince getting to Bluesfest,but Bootsy must be a possibility.

Maceo must return.

"An artist never really chooses when and where they will play.It is for promoters to make offers.It comes down as to whether tours are financially viable." Quote John Mayall.
Posted: Sunday, July 17, 2011 3:40:07 PM
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I'm sure Bootsy can find extra seats on the mothership for Prince, Maceo and band, should they be asked nicely to come to Byron...please!
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