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Posted: Tuesday, April 26, 2011 7:36:10 AM
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being a confirmed crossroads supporter,i hadent ventured into mojo this year(or last for that matter) but wantedto see warren haynes. made our way to about 6 rows ffom the front.good set,time to go.
what the f..., we couldnt get out! you could not get out of the tent for the chairs ,and noone would move.being anzac day,we eventually broke the line and braved our way through the crowd,which took a good 20 minutes.
now ive gotta admit,im a chair person,i have leg injuries that dont let me stand for great lenghts of time-1hour for warren haynes was an achievment-but there is a serious safety issue there. even the bar area ,which was the quickest way out had people sitting on the floor and the complaining if they got stood on. this is a music festival,with all types of people gathered togeather,and a lot of them dont like too many rules,but this is a serious concern especially when there is a lot of alcohol involved. security disappears as soon as its dark.while the crowd gets younger-or i get older-or both-this problem will only get worse.
that said i thought jethro tull were great-being 30 years since their heyday-the crowd knew all their songs and the set went over well.

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Posted: Tuesday, April 26, 2011 12:39:15 PM
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Glad you had a good time Waffs. i also ventured into Mojo for 1st time in years for Buffy. There I stayed. I was in that space for 5 hours without water or room to even clap. I took it willingly but if I had of wanted to I would never have been able to get out. There is no way to call for aid if you need it. One girl started vommiting near us and then collapsed. She was guided out by older men. This was a very crowded fest.
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