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Kids Attending Blues Fest Options
Posted: Wednesday, February 11, 2009 5:06:07 PM
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I have our two kids coming with Hubby & I this year - they are both 10. One has already started his own list of who he wants to see the other likes anything. Any suggestions as to how they could handle the five days ?? Or how we can handle it with them.

My main concern is buses back into town at night with the children. Are we better to drive, or just leave early? Anyone taken children before. They seem to be catering to them this year with a Kids Club as an option if it is all too had for us.

Any tips would be helpful - last time we went was in 93 & 94 !! I am sure it is very different now !
Posted: Thursday, February 12, 2009 7:37:50 AM
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Having taken own children and others to many BFs, I can vouch for how kid friendly the place is - including buses home at night. Because there are so many buses, should you find yourself amongst a rowdy crew, wait for the next one if you don't want littlies exposed to swearing or possibly scary antics from drunken travellers.

Some tips for during the festival:

- kids club may be a bit lame for 10+ year olds
- we have a "no unneccesary standing" rule: ie sit down whenever possible because kids will become exhausted and cranky from standing up for hours on end (applies for adults too!)
- between acts, kids will have a lot of fun looking through stalls
- kids on their own will get bored easily, so best to have a mate or sibling for them to hang out with
- even the most enthusiastic music loving kid has a short BF span - maximum 4 hours I'd say - so pick a 'block' or go home for a few hours to give them a break before returning later
- get a babysitter one night and let loose without them!

Good luck!

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Posted: Thursday, February 12, 2009 9:14:44 AM
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- kids club may be a bit lame for 10+ year olds

I agree. With the new Fest layout there are plenty of tables and chairs to sit around and chill.
Still a very big day for kids especially 5 in a row.
Don't forget some ear protection for them.
Posted: Thursday, February 12, 2009 3:56:39 PM
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I've been taking my kids each year since before they were born and my eldest is now 13. The Belongil set up last year was most condusive to small people - plenty of space to run around without falling all over people. The spectacular weather helped too - they could sprawl in the shade at the back of the tents during the day and be kids underer the full moon during the evening.

Make sure you take loads of snacks - the little buggers get hungry and it can get a bit pricey buying food and drinks all day. Take a picnic rug, a pillow and a couple of books as well and you'll have a ball.

I also make sure that in case they get lost they have some money and my mobile number and know where the ferris wheel is, so we can meet there

I agree totally with Curlyloc - the days can be very very long, particularly if its hot. I would suggest one or two days max with the young'ens - it is exhausting for both you and them trying to do all 5 days.

Most importantly, have fun!

Posted: Thursday, February 12, 2009 5:28:52 PM
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definately the blanket.you may find you can sit outside some tents on the blanket and still see and hear the acts-northern end of jambalaya is great.there are usually some rides etc for kids,and they have a kids clubthat might suit.also they often have crowd pleasers like clowns etc.
remember the giant dragon from 4-5 years ago(snuck up on me from behind and swallowed me-i thought i was having a flashback.) if they get too much,just check them into the cloakroom-only kidding. im sure they will have a ball.

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Posted: Thursday, February 12, 2009 6:25:47 PM
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Last year saw some people towing their littlies around in a trolley when it all got too much. Looked like a good way to go. Trolley full of kids blankets and pillows.
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